"Aputure" Trigmaster Plus vs. Cactus V5 vs Yongnuo

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victorian squid
victorian squid Veteran Member • Posts: 3,391
I love the trigmasters

and have had them for several months. They are well build, with a great feature set. Worth the extra price IMHO.

If there was one complaint it would be the configuration - you can't put one in the flash shoe of your camera and one on top (like Yongnuo). They're more like PW's in that regard. Then again, I've never had need to do that - I just like to complain!

The things come with every cable you could possibly want or need (for a Canon shooter) as I wasn't sure what model I would upgrade to.

The range is insane on the things. At first I though I'd never use it - but now I've found all kinds of things to do with them. I have had them at and over 100 yards (they're rated for 100M) and even stood on a hill with one behind a house.

One other complaint (as long as I'm trying to think one up) - is how snug they fit on the camera. It takes some "coaxing" to get off. I keep forgetting to try some dry graphite or something like that. I guess they had problems with the old design, and then changed to the clip layout. You might not have that issue - it's worse on my 60D than my 350D, and no problem at all on my light stand swivel.

Enjoy them, they're great!

BTW, the Trigmaster Plus 2.6 transceiver will trigger the 2.6 "receiver only" units if you want to use some just as receivers and save money.

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