L Plate for Metabones adapter, the solution.

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bigley Ling Veteran Member • Posts: 3,768
re: the source of confusion...

jpr2 wrote:
...stems from the fact that Metabones are selling two
of EF to E-mount adapters:

  • an ordinary "dumb" one, for quite a long time;

  • and, pretty recently since mid Jan 2012, the "smart" Conurus electronic adapter, which allows aperture control from the E-mount body, and enables IS (OSS in Sony's parlance) for EF lenses so equipped;

as to this new, modified L-plate - isn't it so that for longer L-lenses
their tripod rings provide a better mounting balance overall?


traveler2012 wrote:

As for the adapter this is the only one that you can control the aperture through the camera.

I find that even the shorter lens like the 24-105 L IS USM and 50 f1.2L both protrude further than the tripod base thanks to their large diameter housing, hence the adapter mount is unusable with these lens. On the Nex 5n, even though the lens are shorter the weight balance is very front heavy with these lens, so it would be ideal it the tripod mount on the conurus adapter could be used to help balance it out.

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