Did Nikon Cut Ken Rockwell off from the freebie list? Locked

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Did Nikon Cut Ken Rockwell off from the freebie list?

A brief excerpt from his current "new" column, to quote KR;

"Problem is that 36 MP is a trick. I still need more time to look at more pictures, but at 36 MP, we're getting point-and-shoot image structure from the D800 at 100% at 36 MP, while the D4 and 5D Mark III with more reasonable resolutions look more like real photos. Worse, even the SMALL setting in my D800 is more resolution than I want, while my 5D Mark III again provides the real-world settings I demand.

Take away 36 MP from the D800, and it's less of a camera than the D700. The D800 is a step backwards from the D700 in ergonomics and in LCD color accuracy".


I have a D700 and a D800. I use both. The detail that the D800 captures in incredible.

Color right out of the box is perfect, dynamic range is great, ability to open shadows or recover highlights great. Why the heck is Ken grinding his axe.

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A Kodak Brownie can take great shots.

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