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Rumours of the FF mount ...

iaredatsun wrote:

I can't say too much but I stopped visiting this forum regularly a long time ago. I have my GRD and my GR1 and I have long stopped thinking about a new Ricoh but drop by occasionally to see any news.

With regards Ratty's comment here – I agree that some camera forums here attract a fair amount of vitriol and the Ricoh has on the whole been fortunate to escape that. It is usually a nicer group of enthusiasts to be found in this forum, to be sure.

With regards your feelings, though. Others here have complained about the lack of comments on their photos before you. Mitch famously left when his work came under criticism and then found a special rangefinder forum where people could talk more about photography. The fact is when real critiques come along , you have to accept the rough with the smooth.

But I say this – these forums are camera forums. People on these forums are, on the whole, more interesting or comfortable in discussing technology than they are the 'art' of photography.

I'm afraid that cameras are the lowest common denominator in the art of photography – there really is only so much you can say about a black computer-box with a lens on it before the sun sets on the subject;)

I'd advise that you find a specialist website/forum where people discuss photography and not cameras.

Having said that, the biggest place for photos is flickr and no one says anything constructive about photos there! I think that the internet somehow resists useful discussion on the arts.

Have you the ability to find courses and real world contact with photography enthusiasts?

All the best with your back.


El Datsun

Joel Stern wrote:


Well said,

Everyone has their own style of posting and Joel's is Joel's just as mch as mine is mine.

We have different ideas and I tend to use ten words when one is often enough. I tend to happily try and explain something I have just worked out as if no one else has ever thought of it. But I generally like to farm these ideas out rather than leave the rest of the Ricoh users who have not worked it out themself have the joy of doing so (or the simple bliss of not knowing).

Joel is more of a friend on the forum and therefore best understood as that.

Meanwhile posting images is always a vexed subject - in essence there are some who follow good images and others who like posting them. But is is more on whether you post to preen and are able to accept criticism gracefully, or post to educate in which case you need to understand that others might not be interested, or post to ask advice - there are usually helpful replies.

It is not a good forum for posting images as much as others might disagree. Post away but the forum is never more dead when all the posts are about images. Without posts of images the current forum threads would cease to exist.

I think that posting images is a valuable part of the Ricoh forum but only perhaps a rather small part. What it really is about is discussing new product and technique. No new insights found and no new product in the offing and the threads die away.

This thread seems to be the only one currently not dealing with someone's images (valuable as they are) right at the moment.

Meanwhile gentle criticism of Joel's post is fair comment and anyone daring to do this does not need to be attacked for it in any way. Or regarded as "a stranger".

Release the 40mm A16 prime module or a 40mm equivalent GRDIV and we are off with the racehorses again.

Methinks reliable news of a Ricoh FF A24 mount would choke dpreview's server. (joking)

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