Clip to hold flowers still in the wind?

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Re: Clip to hold flowers still in the wind?

clengman wrote:

I've read a number of times about using some kind of flexible armature with a clip to attach to a tripod keep a subject in position when it's breezy. I've been looking around for something suitable and I'm having a hard time locating anything. Anybody aware of brands, or product names to search for? Any ideas for attaching the armature to the tripod? Thanks!

To be honest, when I'm outside shooting must be with optimal conditions...which means a bright (but cloudy) day and absolutely no wind at all. IF the environment isn't perfect, then I simply don't even think of taking any images.

Remember, the outdoor environment dictates to us when we can (and cannot) shoot images....not the other way around

In general I find that early mornings are the best time - overall.
Here's my short blog on the subject.

IF I find a stunning floral and the outdoor conditions are not condusive...I shoot it in the studio instead.


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