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Re: 7 D viewing magnification

Thanks, Mike--

I'm not sure what conclusions exactly to draw from the comparison. I'm no imaging expert, but understand that the blue channel tends to be more noisy for reasons that others with a lot more expertise than I have can explain. That could explain the difference you're seeing between the noisy parts of both images.

You have a fair amount of detail in the feathers, so I'll stick with my original advice. If you're using Photoshop, create a mask of the sky and any other area with no real detail you care about, then apply aggressive NR and no sharpening. That will effective blur out the noise without the artifacts that happen when you sharpen it after NR. Then, invert the mask and apply much lighter NR (little or none) to the bird and a bit of sharpening to bring out the details. The noise won't be all that visible because of all the feather detail.

If you chat with other bird photographers here, this is pretty well the standard process many of them use (and not just with the 7D) when shooting at higher ISOs.


Mike Engles wrote:

Hello Jerry

I don't know if you will be able to see this but I have made a comp of our images.

My image has default ACR 6.7 settings and no NR
1/1000 F7.1 ISO 400 100-400 at 400mm Canon 7D

Jerry's image has default Lightroom settings and no NR
1/400 F6.3 ISO 640 100-400 at 310mm Canon 7D
Jerry's image has been Jpegged and posted on this site

Mike Engles

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