Sony HX10 at Disney - Sample Pics (Opinions and Thoughts Welcomed/Encouraged)

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Sony HX10 at Disney - Sample Pics (Opinions and Thoughts Welcomed/Encouraged)

I bought the HX10 the day before I left (to replace my Panasonic ZS5 - I was tired of the blue color cast and lack of auto panorama, otherwise a great camera). I had previously shyed away from sony (back when the HX5 was new) because I felt the images were soft. I think they are better now but still see that sometimes. I am 99% sure I am returning the HX10 for a HX20 (to get better macro and maual focus).

Here are some results - let me know what you think of IQ please.

Note that I do not pixel peep in general or crop for zoom, but only crop to frame a photo better.

All images at SOOC, except a few of the panoramas were too large so I cropped them down (kind of defeated the panorama purpose) and saved with a lower quality in photoshop elements.

Here goes -

The next 4 are Macro/Background defocus shots -

The backgrond defocus would not work on this (I wanted to have 1 face in focus) -
camera probably could not distinguish the background enough

The next 2 go together. In the 1st I used background defoucs, but thought the defocus started too abruptly, so then I tried manually blurring in M mode in the 2nd. I would like something in between the two.

The next 3 are night photos -

The 3rd one is blurred as it was captured while in motion, not terrible given the camera was able to capture something whereas other cameras I have had could not.

Next up are some HDR examples -

There are two sets - 1st and 3rd are no HDR, 2nd and 4th are with HDR. It's almost too cartoonish...something a tad more subdued would be perfect!
But they make the non-HDR seeem drab!

The next 3 were ones that just didn't some out super great - I didn't check them and took the 2nd one handed no flash.

The next 3 are night photos -

The next 2 are night panoramas -

As seen in the 2nd one, the splitting of people was more pronounced in the night shots for panorama.

The next 2 are outdoor shots -

The next 3 are zoom examples -

For the 2nd you can see the wide angle in the HDR set. The 3rd is a mega zoom example - it was taken from the balcony at the contemporary of illuminations at epcot - I was resting it on a railing. obviously it is blurry and you wouldn't know it was epcot, but I was still surprised by the result.

Panorama examples -

The 1st is sooc. The 2nd is actually stiched from two panoramas (and fixed for color - so post processed). The 3rd to 6th are sooc except for cropping and saving at reduced quality in order to be able to uplaod.

The next set are indoor pics. Note the watercolor effect when you zoom in (esp. on the 2nd one). Is this mostly prevelant for iA auto modes?

Finally, here are some fireworks -

For the 1st I rested it on a non-flat railing. The rest are by resting it on a flat railing and not holding it. I used the 2 second timer.

3rd to 7 - I used a variety of shutter times. This was my first time trying the 'country shutter' technique - I set shutter time to 30 or 60 seconds, rested it on a ledge, used a 2 sec timer, and then used my hand (covered by my black sweater) as a shutter release - removing it when I wanted a burst recoreded and covering during the slow portions of the show. As you can se in the 7th one, I let too much light it. It worked better than I thought!

Flat view
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