NX Lens confusion!!!

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Re: Confusion, part 1 of 2

Ariston wrote:

let me just share my experience with the 16mm before you guys cut each other's throat.

I have the 16mm and I love it and I concur that it has indeed some weaknesses. such weaknesses has been confirmed and evaluated. the most obvious phenomenon is it's weird barrel distortion which affects the performance in the corners (much so with correction). if you have time, you can read Klaus' explanation about it.

now as far as resolution is concerned, listen carefully because it might shed a light into what is happening. I have used the NX16 on different bodies and what I noticed that it performed extremely well overall on the NX100 compared to the NX200. the corners are definitely better despite the existence of barrel distortion. I noticed a decrease in overall performance when used on the NX200. so what does this tell us? my guess is that the NX16mm is outresolved by the 20MP sensor. but works very good on the 14MP. I would guess that either you shoot with it with the previous 14MP NX cameras, downsize the image from 20MP to 14MP, or crop the corners. you can achieve a nice image taken at f4 which is cropped at around 18.5mm - 20mm with the NX200. if you want to maintain the 16mm or 16.5mmrange with great result, use a 14MP camera. would it make sense to buy the 16mm? imo yes. because it performs much better overall than the 20mm. for someone looking for an ultrawide, the upcoming 12-24 would be most ideal. the 16mm is a weird lens indeed because it could produce some significant shallow dof that most wide lenses at such focal range are incapable of. also, center resolution is insanely high.

I completely agree with this and thought of mentioning the difference if it was used on the NX100, but for one reason or another didn't get around to mentioning this. But as I've been careful to state, the 16mm lens is still a good match for the NX200's sensor. The only thing that anyone would need to watch out for is using it with apertures wider that f/4, and even them, only with subjects where very good corner performance is desirable. This won't be a problem for many 16mm owners, most of the time.

so in summary,

NX16 on the NX100 = good corners, very good borders, great center at f3.5. f4-f8 are it's peak aperture.

NX16 on the NX200 = poor corners, average borders, very good to great center at f4. f9- f11 are it's peak aperture.

So if the NX16 is used the same way most good photographers use very good wide angle lenses from other manufacturers (stopped down an aperture or two), the NX16 will produce excellent photos.

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