I vacuumed the dust out of my SEL 18-200mm lens.

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Re: I vacuumed the dust out of my SEL 18-200mm lens.

dj0502 wrote:

Awesome. I just learned how to accept that those dust particles is just a normal fact of life and there is little that we can do. This has given me hope.

Could you post pictures on how you placed the vacuum? I would like to know whether other vacuum might work. I am planning to do this with the kit lens. Thanks in advance!

Well, I would say the following:

First of all, do a usual "sensor dust test" at f/22 before deciding to take any action at all. If you can't see any spots caused by the dust in the lens, then you have absolutely no reason whatsoever to take this risk with your lens. And if you do see any spots at f/22, do a second test with a different lens attached to double-check for sure that it is indeed the lens.

Secondly, what worked for me was essentially "any corded (as opposed to battery-powered) vacuum with a hose of some length attached to it." Basically, you want a hose with a typical 1-1/4 inch plastic connector on the end, onto which you would normally attach different tools, extension tubes, or whatever. Since the vacuum is going to exhaust air and dust, you want to get as far away from it as the hose will allow. Then, just put the end of the hose (you might clean it out thoroughly before doing so) up against the end of the lens, so that the end of the hose is inside the outer ring of the lens mount, and around the opening to the rear lens glass, then go to town.

Tom Hoots

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