D7000 Sports Scene Mode - Just tried it...liked it...

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Re: D7000 Sports Scene Mode - Just tried it...liked it...

Digetydog wrote:

While scene modes get a load of criticism from professional/serious photographers, the simple fact is that the manufacturers have factored in an enormous amount of data into the programming of those mode. While not perfect, they are pretty good.

The sports mode is probably one of the more useful out of all the scene modes simply because you can quickly go into cont' AF and drive mode.
For the rest I don't care much for them to be honest.

The worst part is just about all your settings are locked! Whilst I can get defaulting settings when you change scene mode, I really don't get locking the user out ploy it's a bit dumb really esp not even allowing the use of exposure compensation (one of the most basic of settings)

That's why scene modes get a lot of stick, I would add not all makers lock out user settings, some do but Nikon's are dumb as dumb overall so I would avoid them entirely (but I'll let off sports mode for reasons above)

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