And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Joel Stern
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Re: aman Re: And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

aman74 wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

aman74 wrote:

I don't think anyone was wondering and your vague post with only question marks doesn't help any.

Thank you. You are pretty new here, yes, no?

No, you can look at the date I joined, but either way I'm not so wrapped up in internet forums to track whether or not people were wondering where you were or not. I feel if you're going to make a post it should make sense on it's own.

I see you're an expert at making posts that don't make much sense. Did you have a point in asking me if I was new here? It would have been much more helpful to just explain your OP. As it stands it makes zero sense without whatever backstory there apparently is.

Either way, it came across as self-important.

Since I am such an expert of making non sensible threads then that explains why I have never seen your id before. Thank you for your kind words.

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