D800E availability

Started May 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D800E availability

Ritz in Boston (Back Bay area) promised to get me a D800 in 7-10 days. I declined. Meanwhile, Amazon finally provided a shipping date for my March 8 D800 order. I'm suppose to get it by Wednesday.

I have a D800e order with Amazon that I placed on Feb 7. There has been no change in status. I will probably use the D800 until Amazon fills my Feb 7 order, then sell the D800. I suspect that worst case, I'll end up spending what amounts to $200 rent for using the D800 for (hopefully) no more than 3-4 weeks.

Oh, I haven't canceled my Adorama D800 order. I won't do that until Amazon confirms shipping.

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