Dynamic range comparison FZ150 vs Casio ZR200

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Re: Dynamic range comparison FZ150 vs Casio ZR200

Alika wrote:

I disagree with McSpunckle. The first shot from the Casio is more ambitious because the sun is still visible and therefore the contrast is higher, i.e. the comparison is IMHO in favor of the Panasonic FZ150.

That's not how that works. The sun was just barely behind the buildings, and the sky was still the same brightness. The sky doesn't get that much darker in the 3 minutes between those two pictures. The difference is that the sun was no longer shining in front of the building, causing it to get darker there. In other words, the FZ150 image has more contrast.

I know you were there and I wasn't, but it's obvious that the sun was no longer shining on the streets in the background even. Both cameras were set for similar exposures-- if this was a failure of the FZ150's dynamic range, all that would happen is the sky would be white. The buildings and street wouldn't be darker. But, the sky looks the same, more or less.

And, for the record, I'm not saying the Casio doesn't have better dynamic range-- it certainly might. But these two images aren't going to show it.


Looking again, it appears more likely the sun went behind a cloud than behind the buildings. Or a combination of both, since it was already pretty low in the sky.

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