D800E users? Any regret?

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Re: D800E users? Any regret?

I just read Lloyd's site this morning regarding the difference between the D800 and D800E. As suspected, there is essentially no difference between the cams when you apply a bit more sharpening to the D800. It's almost impossible to tell the difference between the two sets of images.

I think anyone who said they see 'significant' difference between the two cams is not looking at objective tests. You can't look at two different scenes or shots from two different people to compare. You are comparing different shooting technique and different post processing techniques.

Also, even when people try to do head-to-head tests (such as in the FM thread here: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1107012/0 ) they usually don't do it correctly. My response in that thread shows the difference between the D800 and D800E are due to focus differences, not camera performance differences. Since the NEF files are available, you can do the comparison for yourself.

In the end, the difference between the models is so small that it really comes down to technique, post processing, and lens rather than the difference in the AA filters.

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