D800 with Zeiss 21 & Nikon 14-24 (Part II)

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D800 with Zeiss 21 & Nikon 14-24 (Part II)

In part 1 ( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1021&thread=41558438 ), I looked at resolution, bokeh, and a bit at color. In this part, I'll compare the flare characteristics of the two lenses.

The following shots were made with the lens shade on the Zeiss (and obviously on the Nikon since it is non-removable). Shots were made at f/8 which is a typical landscape aperture.

No tripod was used as I needed to put the camera in odd positions/angles and sharpness wasn't critical.

I found that I was able to induce very nasty flare and ghosting in both lenses, though it was a bit easier to induce in the Nikon. In both lenses, I was able to see the flare in the viewfinder and adjust the angle slightly to eliminate or substantially reduce the flare.

Here are the examples. As with the other tests, the Zeiss is on the left, Nikon 14-24 on the right.

I was a little surprised by this one on the Zeiss as the entire right hand side is washed out by veiling flare:

Again, I was trying to induce the worst flare possible. You could argue that the giant blue streak on the Nikon shot above is worse than anything on the Zeiss, but a slight change of angle eliminates it.


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