How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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I don't see how those are comparable

OK... so if we compare an OM-D plus grip to an EP3 plus VF2 we still are comparing apples to oranges. Based on what "someone might want" and not the closest comparison of features and abilities.

You might as well throw a $200 leather case in too, if you goal is to make the OM-D look like a bad dead.

The best comparison I can make is comparing BOTH cameras with the same lens and having an EVF (either built in or tacked on). For the past three solid years we have read that the VF2 is "essential" for manual focusing and viewing in bright sunlight. A grip is only useful for providing extra battery power and balancing larger lenses... neither one of which can be done with an EP3.

So it just skews the comparison to toss a grip in that is available for the OM-D and not for the E-P3.

Here's my comparison (based on Amazon USA prices):

OM-D with 14-42mm lens...................................$1,099
E-P3 with 14-42mm lens and VF2........................$1,139

So you end up PAYING MORE for the E-P3 with comparable lens and EVF.

But you also GET LESS, because you won't get:

  • Weather sealing

  • Magnesium alloy body

  • The new 16MP sensor

  • Better performance in low light

  • The new 5-axis IS

  • Greater Dynamic Range

  • Much faster frame rate

  • Better video

  • Choice of four aspect ratios

  • Tilting LCD

To me this is a no brainer.

Even if you don't need an EVF, the OM-D is worth $200 more than an bare E-P3 just for all the other improvements involved. And the OM-D is roughly the same size as the E-P3. and only weighs two ounces more. If you were to add the VF2 to your E-P3, then size and weight are virtually identical!

Which is why I asked... "how will they sell any more E-P3s?"
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