speedlight issue with D90

Started May 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Well I got it! Very proud of myself too.

But I ended up taking aprart the flash itself as I care way more for the camera body then i do the flash.

If anyone else has this problem here is what I did:

I ended up having to bend a small screwdriver into an "L" shape to reach the 4 screws that are just below the locking mech on the flash. They're very close to the camera body, to tight to get at with a straight screwdriver. From there it was really easy, remove the wire harness that connects the flash to the hot shoe lock, then there is a plate with 3 screws on it just above the pin, there is a tension spring holding onto this as well so take a picture of where the spring position before removing. Then after removing the plate you can reach the pin! I pushed it up with the edge of a small screwdriver till the end was just far enough out i could get at it with needle nose pliers. pulled it up, heard it "click" and now is working good! Though I'm very nervous about re-engaging the pin when it is on the camera body. It's a snug fit as it is and i dont plan on taking pictures facing straight up with my flash on, so i'm going to wing it without locking it going forward.

Thanks for your input everyone!

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