How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

Started Feb 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: I'm not so attractive

Guy Parsons wrote:

One day they will make LCDs that can be seen clearly in daylight and then viewfinders will have absolutely no use at all.

Unless they can put in a magnifier for those of use with miserable presbyopia, the viewfinder will be always with us (thank heaven!) (10 years ago, when I could still see small things at a normal distance I would have agreed with you, by the way. I expect by the time I am 70, given how bad my close up vision has gotten by age 54, I will need to hold the camera with LCD, oh, about four feet from my face...or use Coke-bottle bifocals....You are really fortunate to not have to do that.)


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