60D SD Memory Card Speed Recommendation

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Re: 60D SD Memory Card Speed Recommendation

xlr8or wrote:

I'm about to order a new Canon 60D and have not previously owned a digital SLR. Although I'm not that much into high speed sports photography, I would like to order a decent speed SD memory card for the 60D. I would probably be shooting in either RAW or RAW+JPEG formats. Most of what I'll be shooting will be candid family shots and nature (landscape/wildlife). Any suggestions regarding the speed of card needed for such applications starting out as a new digital SLR owner?

Thanks in advance!

I believe that the Canon spec is for a minimum Class 6 for the 60D. However, this spec will undoubtedly go higher as new cameras are released, so to 'future-proof' your card purchase, get at least Class 10 cards for your new camera. The 60D does not have the capability to take advantage of UHS-1 speeds and they are pretty pricey, so I wouldn't upgrade that far.

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