Sony PLEEZE stop us from taking pics w/no card!!!

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Re: Have you read your user manual?

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I already said the Orange blinking warning appears also on the LCD....

If you read up, the post of yours I was responding to was the one where you stated you have to look in the viewfinder anyway. So I responded that not everyone uses the viewfinder. You responded then about shooting from the hip, which sounded ridiculous to me. So I then simply responded about the LCD being a more logical alternative than what you proposed. Pretty simple.

so people who have no eye for detail no matter what they do to capture an image whether is EVF or LCD, simply ignore this, which is not Sony's fault.

It's Sony who removed the option to prevent the camera from taking pictures without a card. The fact that the option was in previous models shows Sony knew it could be an issue. Sony removed/failed to include the feature in these cameras. So yes, that's Sony's fault.

As to the stupid automobile analogies, here's a better one. If I don't have any gas in my car, my car won't run. If I don't have a memory card in my camera, it shouldn't take pictures. Sony used to know this could be a problem but since removed the option to prevent it. So yes, it's Sony's fault.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not as bad as the consistent flash exposure issues that keep getting reported though. So I would rather Sony concentrate on fixing that as it's an ongoing problem for them.

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