Mirrorless Camera design according to Sexton and LL. Agree?

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Re: Mirrorless Camera design according to Sexton and LL. Agree?

In reality, the OM-D goes as much back to the true OM-roots as my cat does. The design is a complete misfit in comparison with the very ergonomic arrangement of controls on the OM 1& 2. The display is a gadget, something that will sooner or later lead to problems in quite a few camera's, not because it's a poor design, but just a lot more likely to be subject of incidents during operation.

This is completely different compared with f.i. the Fuji's. Both X100 and X-Pro1 have excellent ergonomics, I don't understand why so many people seem to be complaining of the menu system. This is pure nonsense: in every DSLR I know there are lot more 'menu-pains'.

I must say in general that not all that comes from past is bad. Putting a step back is sometimes the best to learn about what things should do. Kill half of the stupid settings noone ever uses in every camera. I personally like the form factor and 'to the point' ergonomics of the 'traditional' SLR & rangefinder concepts. Wasn't a Nikon FM or if you want an Olympus OM the perfect camera?

Everything we now see is indeed the 'soap ball' design. More than this, you invest in expensive accessories that can never be re-used in future models, handgrips, remote controls, GP-units,... seem to change all the time. Why is this necessary? To make the big DSLR-manufactures richer?

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