HS30 Battery Life

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Re: HS30 Battery Life

Fulcanelli wrote:

Hmm...I've been using this cheap no-brand battery now for a few days and it is holding up wonderfully, giving me power for plenty of shots. Now I'm thinking that perhaps when I was charging it, the battery was knocked a bit off track in the charger. There is a person who could have accidentally done this when I charged it.

I still would like to get an estimate of how long I might expect a top rate battery of this type to hold a charge while not in the camera.

Thanks again.

Someone said 'you might get what you paid for.' Well if someone pays $70 for a name-brand battery, they are NOT getting that. No battery is worth $70.

I have had excellent results with numerous off-brand batteries in my cameras. Any Lith Ion battery should hold its charge and remain fresh for a long time. I have a spare in my camera bag and who knows when it was last charged, but I put it in the camera and it shows a full charge. Good enough for me.

I did have one battery that refused to charge and the seller immediately sent me a replacement. Imagine paying $70 for the same thing? And I bet it happens. The 3rd party batteries are a bargain and all the fretting and wives tales about them being unreliable, short-lived, expoding, etc. are IMO nonsense. I suspect you are right that you just didn't quite have the battery in position for it to take the charge.

Isn't is a nice change to have a tiny charger and a small battery instead of a charger with one or two cords and a power brick and little batteries rolling all over? I think using a lith ion battery in the HS30 was the biggest improvement they could have made.

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