Pentax 645D vs. Nikon D800E Video

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All Tools are Good For What they For

Every Camera made is good for anyone who has the need and reason.

As i mentioned before wither its an 8X10 film camera, a scanning back or a used Canon 20D or an iPhone camera ...etc they all do have needs....

if i was on a really low budget and i am really interested to learn photography on an SLR and all the money i have for that task is worth a used old Canon 20D with a 50mm lens "then a used Canon 20D" beat all cameras in the market " for me " at that point... the same with a someone who needs to document images at high Res on "Film" for physical archiving of say historical documents or artwork then an 8X10 or even an 11X14 sheet film Camera is the " best Camera in the Market " for him at that point for that task and so is the scanning back if they wanted to go the scan print path, and last but not least if i am out to buy a spare part to fix something at home and i need to go around shopping for a similar part my "iPhone Camera" with its screen is the Best Camera out there for that task.

So the Pentax 645D and the Nikon D800/E are the best Cameras "Tools" for who needs there special Capabilities for there projects or needs.

if i was to photograph images "every day" for Mercedes Benz new automobile promotion needs..would i choose the D800/E or 645D? No i wouldn't i would choose a more durable higher Res system which gives me a very flexible shooting such as a T/S view camera style that accept Digital backs or Mercedes Benz might go for a Totally "Camera-less" Images generated on CGI.

i think we all should "me included" compare and choose based on our needs not others needs.
Abdallah II

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