Clip to hold flowers still in the wind?

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Re: Clip to hold flowers still in the wind?

The main commercial product I know of is the Wimberley Plamp.

I've never used this and what I've used is a Manfrotto Super clamp, a Manfrotto flexible arm and a Novoflex plant clip. This is much heavier, but it can also be used to support heavier items.

The one thing I have found you need to look out for is if you clip the support to the camera tripod. The shock of the shutter and most probably the mirror flip travels through the tripod, down the support and can make the plant it is attached to slightly vibrate or shake.. I was quite surprised when I found this. So ideally such a clip or support should be used on a separate tripod.

In addition to the above I have made some of my own clips and have used foam covered florest's wire. This type of clamping only works in a light breeze and in a stronger breeze parts of the plant will vibrate in the breeze no matter how firmly you clamp the stem. I use a white umbrella I rest on its side as a windbreak.

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