future viability of DX

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Re: future viability of DX

I also shoot DX and I think it's future is definitely "viable". It has been rumored that Nikon will release 5 cameras this year - 2FX and 3 DX with the FX being released first.

So far these rumors have been accurate with the release of the D4, D800, and D3200. so now we can expect the remaining two DX cameras to be released by the end of the year. It looks like these will be replacements for the D7000 and the D300S.

With all the excitement for the D300 replacement I'm not sure why Nikon is dragging it out so long... It's going to sale like crazy. I guess they are just making sure they get it right. I was just hoping to have it for this summer, but it isn't going to happen.

The D300 is a great camera and I'll enjoy using it this summer as always. I shoot a lot of baseball and football so I see myself sticking with DX. I have no interest in FX or in video. I would like a D4 even though it is FX but that is just a little too much money... If I were able to get one I'd just pickup a 1.4TC for my 70-200.

I think the new D300 will be at least $2000, if not $2500. But, like the D300 was, it will be state of the art upon release and will be a great camera for three to four years. With the demand I see on these and other boards DX isn't going anywhere.

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