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Re: Article: SSD does not greatly improve Lightroom performance

whoosh1 wrote:

Also would it be possible to install a new SSD - with some software utility copy over all the C drive program files and Windows 7 OS to the SSD and rename the SSD to be C drive (rename the existing 750GB HDD to a different name)? That way I don't have to reinstall Windows and other programs - yet gain the performance boost of an SSD.

Yes. Common programs for doing so are Ghost, Acronis True Image, and my favorite Casper (think: "the friendly ghost" for it is the only one that will run from Windows). It's been awhile since I've used Ghost, but I know True Image is a 100% clone meaning that both drives cannot exist in the same system after the cloning. Casper is a functional clone, in that a near image is copied (some sort of drive descriptor isn't) such that you can have both drives in the same PC and modify the contents of the original drive at your own pace as you gain confidence in everything being moved and working. If you have Adobe software, deactivate it before cloning, then re-activate on the new drive.

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