Is my D7000 attracting too much attention?

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Re: People are a bit more aware re whos taking etc

I agree natural curiosity, plus people are more aware of whos taking their photo.

Thing is, if someone has a problem with it, thaqt kind of silly, as 'IF' I wanted to take a pic of someone without their knowledge, it would be a doddle, there is no way they would know, using the right 'cheap' equipment and the right angle, two seconds and I would have it.

So, paranoia can be misdirected too.

One lady once a few months ago asked 'are you the guy who takes pictures' ..well DUH , I have a camera, 'because I dont want my picture taken'.....Lol. Fair enough, I just said I would not and not bother to tell her that I was more interested in the horses and jockeys racing (at the track that day) and not at all in her photo, besides that I am only one of a few photographers... Lol.

Paranoia...... Mind you, till she asked me, I had not noticed her as a subject anyway....far more likely candidates that I would nevertheless respect their privacy anyway. (for candid portraits).

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.....Just from an amateur......'Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.”

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