EPL1 sensor compared to the GF3 etc

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Re: EPL1 sensor compared to the GF3 etc

RBudding wrote:

debo wrote:

Hmmm, thats odd. How do these m4/3 cameras compete with APS-C mirror less like the NEX 5N which has a really good sensor? I understand Olympus for example has an awesome jpeg engine and OIS but does not the sensor become the bottleneck for low light pics?

I handled the NEX 5N in a store recently and I absolutely hated the controls. Yes, I'd like the sensor, but not until Sony hires a photographer to help with design.

Even if they actually designed an ergonomically sound camera in the same price range as the C3 5N, ie not NEX7 price, the system will still be hobbled by a poor lens selection.

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