After firmware 1.01: changes we'd like to see

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Re: After firmware 1.01: changes we'd like to see

Second part :

V - ISO control - this is the big one :

a - just implementing a custom minimum shutter speed is necessary, but IMHO not enough. It's a lazy implementation.

b - I propose to completely revamp the auto ISO system in a much more practical way :

1) first, it should be understood as a "three way" system : a) a mode that strictly follows the 1/EFL focal length, b) a mode that follows a customisable minimum shutter speed, regardless of the lens in use, and c) a "bias" mode, that follows the 1/EFL mode but with a bias, let's say, either in EV steps or shutter speed steps.

c - to implement this properly, it's very, very easy, although maybe a bit too daring for Fuji. Simply allow the user the option to change the entire function of the shutter speed dial to turn it into a "minimum shutter speed in auto ISO dial". The "A" setting is the 1/EFL mode. The "B" setting becomes the "bias" mode, and the bias itself can be adjusted with the rear wheel (which isn't in use most of the time anyway). The other shutter speed settings would correspond to the customisable minimum shutter speed mode. The "T" setting, well… let's just be imaginative, I don't know. Of course for those unwilling to change the function of the shutter speed dial, all these three modes should be available in the menus. Changing the shutter speed dial function should be an easily available setting, maybe for example a fn button toggle or a Q menu setting.

d - When using adapted lenses, the custom focal length setting should be used as the base for the 1/EFL rule, not some random 1/30 rule that comes from nowhere.

e - Obviously allow the max ISO to be customisable, and include at least 6400 ISO. even better, allow 12800 in RAW format and therefore auto ISO with 12800 as maximum.

VI - Playback :

a - allow to display an immediate review image on the rear LCD, right after taking a shot, independently of using the OVF / EVF or the LCD, so that nothing obstruct the view when shooting.
b - this immediate review image should have a histogram

c - histogram display in full-frame display mode, not just the 4th option one (the one where the picture is smaller and with loads of informations.
d - Even better : make a customisable playback display.

VII - Misc :

a - make the Q menu customisable.

b - there should never be any message blocking the view, like the gigantic "silent mode activated" message when turning silent mode on or off. It should simply display the icon or not, not come into the way.

Finally, I think Fuji should be a lot more reactive in terms of firmware upgrades than they were for the X100. It took them more than one year to get the X100 to a level that I think is decent and to almost completely remove the stupid things from it. I expect them to be a lot faster to remove the idiocies from the X-pro1, so that they start to functionally improve the camera sooner than later.

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