Advice on M85 f2 lens with K-5 please

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Re: Manual focus??? CANON EE-S Screen

With adjusted I do NOT mean the autofocus FF BF correction in the menu or (K10D - Debug menu).

I mean the perfect distance of the screen from the mirror. it is possible to change that distance using very very thin aluminium frames. Otherwise for example eyes will seem to be in focus through the viewfinder, but the nose or ears will BE in focus in the final image. maybe the most important step of getting a better screen.

with the EE-S you will actually see what is in focus and what is out of focus... better than a splitscreen (I made myself a perfectly working splitscreen out of a Pentax ME, perfectly adjusted - but still... EE-S works like a dream compared to the pentax ME-screen!!

Best regards!

P.S.: From F4 on the viewfinder gets little darker than normally, and slight overexposure is needed

Aub08 wrote:

Thanks for the tip Kevin, I'll check it out. I still have problems with misfocus and wonder if at times I can do better manually. What do mean by adjusted? by a technician? or trial and error yourself??

cheers, Paul

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