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Re: "sharp" at f1.8? Do you want it...

I posted an image that you called soft so I am not going to waste my time trying to prove to somebody like you who no matter what proof is presented cannot accept that there are some people who love this lens and think that it is great value, and offers acceptably sharp images at 1.8.

And yes I did say you were not very bright and a smart ass and stand by those factual statements and yes I love the conflict in this debate and do not get offended when someone calls me a name even when it's spelt incorrectly twice (which proves the not to bright comment)

Once again thanks for the debate and I hope you and your unsharp kitten have wonderful and fulfilling life.

Of course your response to this will be nasty and irrelevant and understand that it would be out of reach for you to end this nicely so goodbye and Thankyou for the fun.

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