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Re: D800 Picture Controls

ICUC wrote:

Thanks for trying to help, but the Nikon Global website doesn't list any such downloads as available for the D800. And while I have and use NX2 (2.3.2) and have installed the D2x profiles for the D300, these profiles are not selectable for a D800 image.

Perhaps someone with a D700, a D800 and D2x profiles for the D700 in their NX2 could check if the D700 D2x profiles could be applied to a D800 image?


Tomasg71 wrote:

You can load D2X profiles into the D700, check the Nikon site if they are available for the D800 too.


Or shoot raw and use NX2 too apply them.

Maybe they will release a version for the D800 too if there if enough demand. I have the D2X profiles in NX2 too and use them with the D700 files, but no D800 to try if it would work with it. How about downloading a D800 raw file from the net?

Tryed it, it doesn t work, looks like we have to wait and hope Nikon releases D2X profiles for the D800


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