What’s the best email client for Mac?

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Legacy programs

The primary one is Canvas X -- developed by a handful of guys at Deneba in Florida, it is THE great integrated program. Photo and general raster editing (about the equivalent to PS 4 or 5), vector that led Illustrator for several years after development stopped on Canvas!, great type handling, DTP, website building, web components, presentations…

Everything totally integrated. You work on a virtual page on a pasteboard (or two pages if you are doing a publication and want two pages to show) like most vector or DTP programs, there are master pages too, but you have your full vector tools and full raster tools available. You can save complete jobs in whatever format is appropriate -- it saves (and opens) in a lot of formats. Saving to HTML for sites demands that you follow a few layout rules -- basically, the layouts need to be a little simpler than for print publications.

I've published books of up to 256 pages in it, built websites for myself and for sale, produced print and web ads (including animated GIF) by the dozen, flyers, brochures and whatever in vast quantities, made banners, etc., etc.

Deneba sold it at v.9 to ACD who completed Canvas X about 5 years ago, then stopped developing the program on the Mac but continued very slowly) supporting and developing it for Windows (it's now up to v.12 but is not much different from Canvas X).

And buy the way -- the guys at Deneba sweated bullets to carbonize Canvas (at v.8) when OS X had the consistency of custard (well, fairly well set custard, but stll soft! :)) and got it out a year before Adobe managed to carbonize its graphics and DTP programs.

I love it! So I'm sticking on OS X.6.8 with Rosetta so I can run it.

(Having said all that, I do a fair bit of photo editing in PhotoLine v.17 these days -- it offers some more modern tricks and in particular, it runs Topaz Adjust as a plug-in.)

I also run Personal Organizer v.4.5 (the last before Chronos made the mistake of going Cocoa) -- for contacts, calendar and alarms. Their carbonization was a bit rough, but I prefer it to Chronos's cocoa successors to PO and to the Apple offerings.

And, of course, Eudora.

Like you, I avoid MS apple like the plague. I do my typing and editing and stuff with NisusWriter Pro -- great program, very scriptable, multilingual with a happy community of users who are friendly and really help.

palker wrote:

what legacy programs?

I use Mail.

If I can help it I do not use Microsoft Apps, I have to use them all day for my job on a PC too they drive me mad.

Cheers, geoff
Geoffrey Heard

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