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Re: "sharp" at f1.8? Do you want it...

Well that was fun.
I have enjoyed this immensely and I think we should agree to disagree.

I certainly will continue to recommend this great value little lens to anybody who asks about it with the usual warning that the build quality is crap and yes the focus can be in consistent.

I will with great confidence also tell them it is sharp at 1.8 and gets progressively sharper upto F5.6.

More importantly I will also continue to teach people the importance of knowing their cameras AF system and how to focus accurately when using any lens especially fast primes that create shallow DOF.

I have learnt from this heated debate that some people like yourself and Peter 13

believe images that I and many others believe to be acceptably sharp, you believe to be soft. IMO you are overly tough judges but respect your opinion all the same.

It has surprised me that people have so many issues with getting sharp images at 1.8.

I though have never expected to take one image with this lens at 1.8 and expect a perfect result even when using the right focus mode or technique. I will always take a few Images that are refocused each time to be safe just like I do with any lens even if it looks sharp to my eye.

The photo I posted of the flower was my second shot, the first focused slightly behind the flower.

Any person who thinks this lens should be spot on every time is, I believe expecting way too much but obviously their are those who think otherwise.

Thanks again for this wonderful debate and I hope that we can do this again and maybe even agree with something in the future.
Loved it.

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