rear lens element to focal plane distances for different format cameras

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Re: It's not the format, it's the lens

The PB-4 can vertically tilt by rotating the entire bellows unit 90 degrees, the body itself can then also be rotated on the bellow for portrait or landscape mode. E.g. it can tilt but not both at the same time. For easiness you will need a tripod head to attach it on its side.

The lens' focal length and diameter of the image plane circle determine what lenses are suitable. I have a PB-4 combined with a 135mm/5.6 Componon-S enlarger lens with nikon adapter. With this combo I can focus to inifinity with 1 cm spare room on the bellows to tilt/shift, and it give sufficient capability to make adjustments

Note that tilting in combination with wide-angle lenses is impossible due to the SLR body obscuring the lightpath....

I have not used it a lot yet but it works

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