That G1X OVF

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Re: That G1X OVF

Anyone that values battery life or has even a modest acquaintance with dSLRs knows the value of an OVF. The fact that some manufacturers poorly engineer them does not detract from their value to serious photographers.

I would personally prefer to frame with a coke-bottle lens rather than hold my camera in front of me like I am trying to defuse a bomb.

The OVF is just there simply because they could put it there. It's a shockingly primitive utility (the one on the G1X) but hey are an antiquity from the days of non-digital cameras that are as useless as the old floppy drive but some people keep saying that they prefer the OVF... which is the only reason some companies include them.

Expect to see them phased out as more mirorrless interchangeable lens cameras come about. They're even absent from the excellent S-Series cameras like the S90/s95 & s100.

Each to their own, I suppose.

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