5D Mk III vs D800 Video Part 3

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Re: 5D Mk III vs D800 Video Part 3

Sharon999 wrote:

This was the weakest of the 3 videos. I do think there are two important elements missing. First is shooting people, such as one might for a film project. This should have been done with the same lenses, subjects and angles and we'd easily be able to compare the natively sharper D800 file vs. a sharpened 5DIII file. That would have been more meaningful than using a two hugely different lenses and shots. It really told us nothing useful beyond the ISO stuff.

All of these videos have been real world tests. That's why we opened with the shoot with Chad. Afterwards, though I wanted to do some more traditional tests. The test you request, comparing a sharpened 5D MK III file to a native D800 file can be found at 9:46. This was shot with identical exposure, and lenses. I get the impression that you didn't view the second part of the video.

HDMI out on the Nikon is working with some recorders and you totally failed on addressing this, even admitting you didn't test before making the video. You should have held off on releasing this video until you found a unit to work or gotten an obviously required firmware update. So now we know nothing about the HDMI out and how that might impact the results. Your video left me with too many simple questions.

We could not reschedule the shoot with the band because of the issues we discovered halfway through filming. You are right that I should have tested the unit with the D800 prior to filming, but we have used our HyperDrive Shuttle with several other cameras, with no issues. Due to the enormous delay getting this video out, I could not wait until an Atomos Ninja arrived for the specific reason of shooting this video. I will be posting my thoughts on the TCSTV blog once I have used the D800 with an Atomos, and compared it to the D800's in camera recording, the 5D MK III, and my AF100.

I apologize if you did not find the video useful, but I always try to do the best I can with the circumstances of zero budget videos shot on my spare time.

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