What does the "M" in "OM-D" stand for ?

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What does the "M" in "OM-D" stand for ?

Since "OM-D" is just about all that can be seen on this forum these days, I thought that it might be interesting to see if anybody might know the full meaning of the initialization so often invoked.

Keto wrote:

What do the initials OMD mean?

It's a digital (D) version of their classic 35mm SLRs, the OM line. Originally they were called M, but leica got annoyed & Olympus changed the name to OM. The EM-5 is the 5th one in that line.


So, it seems that the "O" is an initial for "Olympus" (I guess), and the "D" is an initial for "Digital" ?

What then art thou, "M" ? I thought of a few possibilities - but would rather hear from "experts".

DM ...

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