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Re: Image Backup

I have two SATA hard disk drives mounted in cartridges sitting in "nests" with only one drive active in normal use. I shut down the PC, turn on the power for the second drive, power up booting from a utility CD, and clone the first drive. After the clone is complete I remove the CD, shut down the PC, swap the drives turning off the second nest power switch, and turn on booting as normal.

This insures that the disk clone is good and distributes wear between the two drives.

A true clone may take longer to create but then no restore utility is required as the backup disk of the last clone date is ready to go.

This is generally not for a RAID setup unless you have two RAIDs installed and special cloning software.

I have seen in operation and read comments on one popular imaging application which includes incremental backups fail to restore items.

The other option is two set up two identical drives in a RAID1 configuration where both drives are simultaneously written to:


This provides protection against hardware failure but not against corruptions introduced by the operating system or viruses, etc., since the corruption would be written to both drives.

When a failed drive is replaced usually the disk controller will rebuild the replacement drive in the background. If you run applications during this period I am not sure how the two drives get synced.

Hard disk drives are relatively inexpensive these days so a solution with multiple drives in some kind of configuration might be a best choice for valuable data.

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