Galaxy Tab for browsing pics off SD card

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Re: Galaxy Tab for browsing pics off SD card

Glenn Haley wrote:

I just got a Galaxy Tab 8.9 and I'm disappointed at the image quality. I also have an IPad II and found it's image quality is much better.

I'm not a fan of the IPad, I hate it's restrictive policies. I stopped using it and gave it to my daughter but that does not deter from the fact that displays images better. That also includes videos which don't look nearly as good on the Galaxy.

So far I'm disappointed as I wanted to use the Galaxy for presentations. It is new and I'm going to see if I can improve image quality but for now there's a big difference between the two.

Apple does seem to have the nicest displays.

I really like the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus screen, but the 7.7 is reportedly better still.

For presentations, pick up the HDMI adapter and plug your Galaxy Tab into a high-def TV set.

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