DX and FX format of lenses in Nikon

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It's a classic "It depends"

Royal PITA wrote:

Thanks for all your info.

I get that there will be vignetting or even black-out on corners, but when used the other way round do you get a corresponding improvement? I.e. If I use a FX lens on a DX camera do I get a correspondingly better image (less vignetting, etc.). I'm getting some new lenses and am trying to decide whether to get FX or DX lenses. I'm currently looking to replace my D300 and after all the reviews, think that, for my purposes, I will get just as much use from a D7000 (though may wait for the D7100, if it ever comes) as a D800 for a fraction of the price... I can't see myself upgrading from APS-C sensors in the foreseeable future as they are a good balance for me.

I'd love your views...

I have a D300 too (Why do you want to replace it? What DX camera is better?). For wide angles, you pretty much want a DX because the FX versions are much bigger and more expensive. I have a $900 DX 10-24, for which there's no comparable DX lens. I'd end up with something like a $2000 14-24. And I have a $200 DX 35mm f/1.8. Fabulously sharp lens. If I wanted an FX 35mm, I'd be out $900 for a 35mm f/1.4 because the FX 35mm f/2 is not all that good.

Once you get past 50mm, most lenses are FX anyway because it's not hard to cover a full frame with a long focal length. The only DX lenses longer than 40mm are just some low-cost zooms and the 85mm macro (I find the DX limitation on the 85mm macro extremely puzzling. It's easy to cover 28 degrees at f/3.5).
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