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Re: About those "UltraPro" Inks ...


Look, we all perceive colors slightly different. So the "real (objective/subjective) " difference in colors will be seen when we look at the same photograph printed on the same paper, with two different inks. For me transition from original Epson inks to OEM (or whatever they call it) was not dramatic. Color representation is very similar. I am using these inks for 3 years and quite happy with quality. In other words it was not a compromise in color reproduction for sake of price but practical solution to print high quality prints on low cost. I tried in the past using Brazilian made 240ml cartridges and it was awful. I made research and got advise from professional printing facilities in Melbourne to try MacroEnter. I did and it works for me fine. MacroEnter did not tell me where these inks manufactured - in China, US or somewhere else, but I am sure if you will go that way, you won't regret. One of advantages of their inks that you can use it straight away avoiding messy system cleaning. You even can mix original Epson cartridges with these ones. I did it from the beginning and it was fine. Epson Stylus PRO 4000 is very good printer. Unfortunately Epson made only one (this) Large Format model which automatically switches inks. Mind you I use only two types of paper. One for everyday work, proofs, etc. and another for exhibition quality prints. Good Luck!
Kindest regards from Down Under.
Nicholas Sherman, ACS

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