Horror story or happy ending for PSP

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Re: Horror story or happy ending for PSP

JudyN wrote:

I do not image my C drive but I have tons of backups. Either method will work. I figure if my primary drive dies my sytem could use a cleanup by reloading everything anyway...

There is a slight difference which is a 30 minutes restore of an image file backup vs 3 days to a week to reload, reactivate, and all that is involved with starting from the beginning. It seems when there is an issue with having to use one or the other method -- it is at the least desirable time for such to happen.

If a Computer System is maintained properly, there is little need to completely rebuild as I read so many times -- as if that can take the place of proper maintenance so to not need any rebuilding.

However, it is up to each individual to select the choice that is most pleasing and workable -- for that person.

I have preferred the System Backup to an image file and Restore from the image file backup (if and when needed) -- for the past 10 years.

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