Sony PLEEZE stop us from taking pics w/no card!!!

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Re: Have you read your user manual?

PhotoCycler wrote:

EvilOne wrote:

Here is my opinion on a single person making this mistake over and over... they should give up photography

Sorry, when I said people, I meant different people, not a single person.

Tell me this... do you really think that the same people are complaining over and over again about failing to have a card in their camera?

No, I never said the same people or person. When I said people, I meant different people. I don't think it's the last time we'll hear someone complaining about this.

I don't even know if my 5D lets you do this - I never tried. And I don't have one of the new cameras to see how well that alert grabs their attention. I'm sure some people don't use the viewfinder though.

"I'm sure some people don't use the viewfinder though".

You are sure????

Then how do they compose a shot... do they use the shotgun method and just spray the area until the buffer is full, shoot from the hip and hope they get something they can use???

whether its the VF or the LCD... the orange blinking " No Card" warning is displayed...

If we are in agreement that people do not continue to have this issue, it then becomes an inconvenience.. much like seeing that trophy buck, taking a good sight picture and hold, use proper breathing, take up the trigger slack, and squeeze off that round, only to find that they left the safety on... its a learning curve that is easily overcome when failure to get what you are after leaves you feeling empty, and embarrassed.

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