Massive A77 Flash Test (14-image series)

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Re: High ISO

Well, if that's the case, then there's probably an issue. If you're getting properly exposed shots, and then one or two randomly are whited out, I can't explain that with anything but a software glitch. I guess you could work around it by calculating flash exposures manually, but that's obviously inconvenient.

What it wouldn't explain, though, are the random "white-outs" of the 43AM during a shoot where the subjects were plenty far away to not be too close - unfortunately I don't have any of these shots remaining (except one) because I deleted them a while back and eventually switched to not even using the flash because it got so annoying.

Also, have you used previous Alpha cameras with flash before? Is the a77 the only camera to experience this issue? I'm wondering if this is a problem specific to the a77, or if Sony's flash system in general has a problem.

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