Leica X1... nice cam, but why not m4/3rds?

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Re: The Leica X2 - my two-penneth...

Wow... I nailed it... shame the improvements to the rear LCD didn't include an increase in resolution though...

futurewah wrote:

Having read numerous debates and articles on the X1, what an X2 might be like, what the X series rivals are, what the X2 should be... I decided I couldn't hold my tongue any longer and would have to add to this debate.

First, and most importantly, look at the company. Leica is a small specialist. It simply can't compete with the R&D budgets of the large Japanese corporations. It must stick with what it does best, glass. When all is said and done, what made the X1 desirable to most serious photographers (not the rich who need bling) was a good Leica lens and a proven APS-C sized sensor in a very compact package. Some may complain about a collapsing plastic lens, but for me the portability of it was the seller. Just look at the images it can produce... from such a pocketable camera. I still don't see any rivals that can match it for size vs. outright image quality. Who wants to take a DSLR to dinner with them?

However, since its introduction the market has changed some, and it has many new rivals with new innovations (read X100). Leica can't build anything like that anywhere near its price point, and don't need to. If we see an X2, the most likely and sensible option for Leica would be to keep the form factor and lens of the X1, but improve the rear LCD, the processor (and hence speed) and the sensor. The new 16MP Sony sensor would be the obvious choice, given the impressive results it's giving in other cameras, and that the X1 used the old 12MP Sony.

Of course, that's if we see an X2... Leica could just drop it in favour of the new APS-C sized camera with interchangeable lenses we've heard rumours about.

This is just my opinion, I'm sure others will disagree, but I will find you when I'm proved right

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