EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

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Re: EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

zackiedawg wrote:

Having been shooting birds and BIFs with both EVFs and OVFs now for several months, I can confirm that it can be done with both systems. However, OVFs remain the better overall tool for BIFs, while EVFs can be used if you apply some skill and technique to correct for the shortcoming. I get higher hit rates and work less hard to get the shots with an OVF than an EVF, but I can still get most shots with either one. Given a choice, I'll still take an OVF over an EVF if I could have only one...fortunately, I shoot with two cameras and can use one of each type of viewfinder.

Seems reasonable. Also, I think it depends on the cameras and lenses, I think with very expensive equipment like D4 or 1DX with fast ultrasonic lenses (supposing they don't have AF bugs and the lenses are micro calibrated if necessary), the keepers would be even more. Don't imagine what are you doing to compensate for the lag with EVF, I guess things like trying to anticipate movement, look with one eye the LCD, with other the birds, fire as much as you can?

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