Huelight GH2 ACR & Lightroom 4 Profiles Available

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Re: Huelight GH2 ACR & Lightroom 4 Profiles Available

Hi Colin, i'm familier with your work for years,

I think what that guy was talking about is mimiking "olympus color" like in their jpeg engine,

i'm searching for such profile for years now...being able to get olympus "jpeg" color's in ACR/LR is IMHO the Holy Grail of M43,
i'll purchase such profile in a heartbeat.


FujiColy wrote:

I am just completing my OM-D EM5 profiles so I will look into the E-P3 after that


Royi Avital wrote:

Could you create a profile to the E-P3 to mimic Olympus' Colors?

I really wanna have Olympus colors in ACR.

Thank You.

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