Massive A77 Flash Test (14-image series)

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Re: High ISO

Right...but the external flash has a wider range of power selections. The lowest power on the external flash could be higher than the lowest power on the pop up flash.

I guess a better suggestion would be, try using the onboard flash at the lowest power ratio you can set (1/16?), and see if you still get overexposure at higher ISOs.

The worst problem was with the onboard flash, not the more powerful external flash.

What I meant was that the camera firmware wouldn't be at fault if it simply couldn't throttle the onboard or external flash down enough to properly expose at high ISOs.

Are you sure other cameras don't also overexpose flash shots at ISO 3200?

The worst problem was with the onboard flash. The onboard flash IS part of the camera, so of course, it's the camera's fault.

I have trouble seeing why ISO 3200 would be needed when you can use flash to control the lighting. Aren't high ISOs for stopping fast action in low light (where flash is prohibited or impractical), or for preserving the feel of the environment by not adding extra light? I have a few overexposed popup flash shots from my a580, but pretty much every time, that's because I accidentally left the ISO set to 6400 or 12800 from taking available light shots.

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