HX20 campus walk -- first photos and impressions

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HX20 campus walk -- first photos and impressions

Hello all. Thanks to the guidance and advice on this forum, I have recently purchased a HX20V. Here are some first impressions and photos.

Impressions (good and bad)

  • While it looks a lot like my previous camera (the HX5V), this camera is significantly heavier and bulkier. The difference may seem small when you're putting the two cameras side by side, but you'll definitely feel it when you put the new camera in your pocket.

  • There is no battery charger. You charge the camera by plugging it into a USB charger. This means you can't charge one battery while you're out using another battery in your camera during the day.

  • Intelligent Auto + mode always wants to turn on the flash. Even in broad daylight.

  • My photos display a lot of mottled textures -- I think this is the watercolor effect that everyone is talking about.

  • You can't select HDR from the wheel

  • The 20X zoom lens is wonderful!

  • I still adore the Sweep Panorama mode

  • Colors seem accurate -- not too vibrant, but not too pale

  • GPS seems to orient itself much more quickly than in the HX5V

  • The screen is fantastic

  • While there's a Custom button, it's not very intuitive. I couldn't figure it out on my own.

Some questions

  • Will the watercolor effect be less pronounced if I went with another camera, like the comparable Panasonic or Canon?

  • If I returned this camera and got another, what would I be giving up?

  • How can I reduce the watercolor effect?

  • Why are the photo file sizes so inconsistent? One picture might be 3.4 MB, and the next might be twice as big!

Some photos

Here's a shot of the downtown Tampa skyline, as seen from the top of a parking deck at the University of Tampa. The foreground seems OK, but the background seems to have a weird, glassy, halo effect. Taken with IA+.

I love Sweep Panorama. This is the Hillsborough River, as seen from the Kennedy Boulevard Bridge.

This statue always gives my iPhone problems -- the dogs are too shadowy, or lose too much detail. The Sony produces a much better shot, but the texture looks terrible if you zoom in.

Here's the Tampa Museum of Art. It's notoriously difficult to photograph, because the small circles on the facade make a kind of moire pattern. I'm not pleased with this photo, as it doesn't capture what the building looks like in real life.

Plant Hall at the University of Tampa looks good in this photo. In fact, if you zoom in, you can see the individual bricks quite nicely.

A close-up using the Background Defocus feature.

Showing off the 20X zoom lens. This rower was nowhere near me.

Please don't bite my head off if I've said something that seems silly or stupid. I'm new to the forums.

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